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Neutral Milk Hotel | Say Goodnight

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Neutral Milk Hotel - Three Peaches

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sethprintthompson: For some reason when I try to do links in asks they never seem to work. So on the off chance the last one didn't go through, the gif is currently the top post on my page. Dee dee dee deeeeee

thanks! :) 

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skinnymink-deactivated20130220: I saw this gif a few months ago of a live performance of Holland 1945 and I am looking for it PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT

I’ve found stills, but no gifs! I scanned the tag for hours. How odd. Does anyone know where to find it? 

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Forcing myself to doodle during severe creativity-block
lunch for the sky: everything is beautiful here (on seeing jeff mangum live in orlando 1-26-2013)


After getting lost in downtown Orlando, and running haphazardly around the streets trying to find the Beacham venue, we fucking made it. My girlfriend and I rushed across the street to get in line. There was a lot of flannel to be seen and nervous chatter to be heard. You could sense this feeling…

posted on my personal blog. I wanted to share this with all of you. 

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home from seeing jeff in orlando.

it was the best night of my life. more detailed post later as I am sleep deprived, but I just wanted to tell all of you that I literally had the best night of my entire life. details to come. 

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any thoughts on the epic beard? :) 

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